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Avoid Plastic Combs!

Few people know this, but plastic combs are terrible for your hair. Plastic combs can cause split ends, hair loss and fragile, broken hair.

The benefits of Wooden Combs.

People have reported these benefits from using a wooden comb.

1. More natural curls.

2. Faster hair growth.

3. No static electricity.

4. Fuller, softer hair.

5. Less split ends.

6. A healthier scalp.

7. Less hair loss.

8. Excellent for fragile or long hair.


Wooden Combs.

1. One large-tooth, wooden comb. $8

2. Three wooden combs, $21 (Save $3.)

Postage and Handling, $7.00

Aleish, P.O. Box 297, Penn Laird, VA 22846.


An Unknown Beauty Secret...

Wooden Combs are Magic for the HAIR.”

Hair easier to comb.

‘’My hair is now easier to comb, it's smoother - and less hair comes out. It detangles easier. This is awesome.’ - Sheila

Faster hair growth.

‘‘I have been using a wooden comb for almost three years. I would never consider using a plastic comb again.

I know my wooden comb is a reason my hair grows so fast. I have to get hair cuts every five weeks. - Loren Biser, Health Editor

‘Thanks to my wooden comb, my hair has never been healthier.’

‘One friend buys ten wooden combs at a time and gives them out to her friends. They all love them.’

‘You would think every beauty salon in the world would tell their customers about the benefits of wooden combs. But sadly, this is not the case. Hardly anyone knows about them.’

Wooden Combs

Wooden Combs are great for fragile, delicate hair.

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