Facial Formula
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Anyone with acne should be using the Aleish Facial Clay.

Special Products for Skin & Hair.

Skin & Health Products

Our Facial Toner tones and tightens.

Nothing cleanses like the citrus.

Most toners dry the skin. Ours doesn’t. This is a natural, facial astringent. It doesn’t contain chemicals or alcohol.

We use two types of citrus; the enzymes cleanse the skin and make it tingle. Use it once, you may never use chemical skin toners again.

Contains: Aloe vera, essential oils of grapefruit, lime and geranium.

4 oz., ..$10.95.


This is a special healing clay which draws out impurities from within the skin.

This helps to remove hardened oils from deep within the pores. It pulls, draws and tightens. Great for curing acne.

After regular use, your skin will have a glow to it. The pores will be smaller. Best to use 2-3 times per month. Great for oily skin.

Women love this product!

One 4 oz jar.. $9.95

Natural Clay Facial.

‘I love the Facial Clay!

‘The first thing I noticed was that my blemishes cleared up. My skin became very soft.’-- Virginia

Organic Jojoba Oil

This natural oil helps to reduce pore size. It also helps to dissolve hardened deposits under the skin.

Great for removing mascara and eye liner.

True Story: Hardened fat gone. One 62-year-old nurse used baby oil for years -- to remove eye make-up. Hardened fat deposits developed under her skin.

After using this jojoba oil for two weeks, those fat deposits dissolved.

This organic, golden, jojoba oil is great for applying to skin before shaving.

2 oz..... $10

Natural Vegetable Soap with lavender and coconut.

You should never use regular chemical soaps on your face. This can negate the the Facial Formula.

'Send some more soap. I don’t want to be without it.’

‘'When my bar becomes low, I begin to panic. I have never felt so cleansed and refreshed after a shower. It leaves my skin soft and smooth with an amazing scent.’

One bar...$4.75

Four Bars...$18 (Save $1.)

Our lavender soap is great for sensitive skin.

One of the most healing oils you can put on the skin. Leaves no residue. Great for dry skin.

This helps to feed and purify the scalp. A healthy scalp is needed for healthy hair.

This increases circulation to the scalp. It also penetrates the hair shaft -- and removes chemical residues from bad shampoos.

*Great for dandruff, dry scalp. *Stimulates new hair growth. *Maintains hair color.

‘My daughter Julie used this formula. She could tell a difference in one night.’

‘Her scalp flackiness and itching was gone. Her hair now shines.’

Contains golden, organic jojoba oi, rosa mosqueta, Vit E, rosemary, lavender, cedarwood & agrimony.

2 oz. with dropper. ......$22


This is a wonderful, refreshing food for the skin. One of the best body moisturizers made. Leaves no residue.

Excellent for dry skin. Apply when skin is damp, after a shower, or anytime.

Most body lotions merely coat the skin. They can create rashes and dry skin -- because of the mineral oil.

Contains: Oils of sesame, grapeseed, almond, Vit E, jojoba, carrot and pure essential oils.

Choose type: Relaxation, sensual, or energy.

One 4 oz bottle....$10.95