‘My teeth we so loose, my mouth was misshaped. My dentist wanted to pull all my teeth! I was horrified’

‘This formula greatly helped my gums. I reshaped my mouth with my hand. NO surgery.’

Gum Surgery!”

Tooth Extraction.




My jaw tooth became loose and wobbly. Then pain set in. I put the Tooth Formula on gauze and packed it around the tooth.’

This plant is a drawing agent. This pulls pus, dirt and infection out of wounds. It is used to draw out venom from snakebites. It works the same on the teeth. It draws out the infection and pus from the roots of teeth.

‘I have seen this herb bring out gobs of pus from the gums, the consistency of caterpillers.’ - Matt Wood

‘‘My 86-year-old mother had extreme dental pain. The dentist said the tooth was extremely infected. Since she already had a retainer, it would cost $2,600.”

‘‘I immediately began using the Aleish Tooth Formula on her infected tooth three times a day. Three weeks later, we returned to the dentist. No infection. No pain. I saved thousands!’

Bleeding Gums Magically Helped.I had gone to the dentist every 3-4 months for eight years. But no dentist could help my gums. My gums would always bleed; they would never heal.’

‘After only 3 weeks on this formula, the redness and swelling left. The sensitivity is gone. I call this Gum Magic.’

‘When I went back to the dentist he said, I can't believe the improvement. Your gums look great!’

Sensitive Teeth - Helped.I had been experiencing sensitivity underneath a tooth that was filled. The sensitivity progressed to pain. The dentist wanted to remove the filling, even though it was intact.’

‘After using the Aleish Tooth Formula for only a few days, the sensitivity and pain was gone.’

Can a Tree Bark help Teeth?

The old herbalists said YES! This is the ancient Doctrine of Signatures. The Spirit of Acorn repairs what is ‘Broken Down.’

Matthew Wood claims the bark of this tree is incredible for strengthening gums.

No Dental Problems. I have been taking this Tooth Formula for over 20 years -- and never had a dental problem.’ -- Matthew Wood.

One dentist was stunned when he looked at the x-ray. ‘The Tooth is Recalcifying!”

Her gums stopped bleeding. A dentist wanted to pull a woman's entire set of teeth. She had pyorrhea, which destroys the teeth and gums.

She took the Aleish Tooth Formula. Within weeks, her gums stopped bleeding, and became hard and tight.

No more Cavities. No more cavities since I started using the Tooth Formula.

Helped Dry Socket. I had a wisdom tooth extracted and developed a very painful dry socket. The tooth Formula was a major part of a program to heal my gums. Thank you.’

Molar Infection Helped. A patient had a molar extracted which caused a bad infection. She was in horrible pain. The Tooth Formula helped to pull out huge gobs of pus. Soon, the pain left.

Thank God for the Tooth Formula. ‘A friend of mine just spent $3,000 for a root canal and her gums became reinfected. This is exactly why I use the Tooth Formula. To prevent this.’

Gum Infection Helped ‘I had a bad gum infection in my lower left molar. For days I was in pain. I applied the Tooth Formula 3-4 times a day and often in the middle of the night. Magically, the pain left and never returned.’

Swollen, Bleeding Gums Helped. ‘I had swollen gums that bled everyday. My entire mouth was sensitive to hot and cold liquids. I could hardly stand to have my teeth cleaned by dentist.’

Dentist could not believe the difference. My gums were greatly helped.

‘After using the Aleish Tooth Formula for two weeks, the bleeding and swollen gumline subsided. The next month, my dentist could not believe the difference. I can now get my teeth cleaned with no pain.’

Infected Root Canal Helped. A patient had an infection in the jaw. They started the Tooth Formula. After a month, the dentist saw the x-ray. I can't believe it. It's normal.

Reader Claims...


Teeth & Gums!

SAVE your

‘Dental Extraction -- Canceled.”

“After three weeks on the Aleish Tooth Formula, I returned to the dentist. No infection, no extraction. I saved thousands!’

Many claim this helps dental pain, tooth decay, weak gums, infections, bleeding gums, loose teeth, sensitivity & root canal.




1 oz.



You may laugh at old time remedies. But...you won't be laughing once you get a killer toothache -- and you can barely think or work.

Weak gums are the Road to Dentures.

Is there help? Yes. It's called Aleish Tooth and Gum Formula. This tooth remedy is said to be phenomenal for teeth and gums. It's unknown, unproven, unorthodox -- and based more on folklore than real science.

However, many people swear this saved them -- after modern dentistry offered them little help.

After a month, the dentist saw the x-ray, ‘I can't believe it. The Root Canal is almost normal.’

Loose Teeth Helped. My wife's teeth were loose. After a few months on the Tooth Formula, her gums became stronger. No more loose teeth.’

Tooth Helped in three days. ‘My gums were weak when I first used the Tooth Formula. But soon they became pink and tight -- which my dentist said is optimal.’

Gums helped My dentist could not believe my major gum surgery was normal in two days.‘

Bleeding gums helped My wife's teeth were loose. After a few months on the Tooth Formula, her gums became stronger. No more loose teeth.’

Great for Cavities. One dentist swears this is great to stop cavities. He says he has x-ray proof.


Matt Wood

How I avoided Root Canal Surgery.

by Earlene

I am 80-years old. I live in Texas. During the past 12 months, I have seen four different dentists.

Each dentist said that I needed a root canal. It was on the lower side of my mouth - on the bottom. My whole gum was swollen; it was red and painful. It was about the size of a pencil eraser.

One dentist said, “In all my years of practice, I have never seen anything this bad.” The infection has broken through the gum line.

The dentist advised immediate root canal surgery - the next day.

He told me it was like a little volcano of poisonous, yellow pus that was coming out. He recommended root canal surgery the very next day. But I refused.

I didn't want to lose a tooth. I have all my teeth at the age of eighty. Somehow, I survived. That was a few months ago.

But a few weeks ago, the gum started to swell again and the pain came back.

For some unknown reason, I searched the medicine cabinet. I found a bottle of the Aleish Tooth & Gum Formula.

The next day, I said, “Oh my Goodness, my gums are almost normal.”

I didn't even know I had this bottle in the house. My husband must have ordered it before he passed on.

I squirted some on the back gum with the eyedropper and rubbed it in with my finger.

The next day the swelling in the gum was all gone. The gum was flat like normal. And the pain left.

When I went to the dentist for a checkup, he said my gums were fine and that I didn't need any root canal.

I showed the dentist the bottle of the Aleish Tooth formula. He said if it worked so well so quickly, to keep on taking it.

I just ordered four bottles so I always have this on supply. I want to keep all my teeth for as long as I can -- and I never want a root canal.

I guess the Lord guided me to the Aleish Tooth Formula.

A friend of mine just spent $3,000 for a root canal and her gums got reinfected. This is exactly what I want to avoid.

I read an article on healing gum problems. It was all about this healing tincture. So I know I made the right decision.

Thank God for the Aleish Tooth formula.

“My dentist said he had never seen anything this bad. The infection had broken through the gum line.’


Health Products



Dear Aleish,


Sheila Kern


100% Natural.


100% Natural.

Sensitive Tooth -- Helped.”

“After a few days on the Tooth Formula, the sensitivity & pain was gone.’

Aleish Tooth & Gum Formula

‘This formula should be right there beside your toothbrush & toothpaste.’

Sheila Kern

“I avoided

‘I had bleeding, inflamed gums for five years. They bled when I brushed.’

My dentist advised deep gum work. I took the Tooth Formula daily. Now there is no bleeding. I don't need surgery. This formula has helped a lot of people.’



Since using the Tooth Formula A.M & P. M., I had the best dental check up in my 80 years. Thanks, Marion

‘Keep your Teeth for a Lifetime.’

This herb is a drawing agent.

Master Quaker Herbalist creates potent formula that can possibly....

No guarantees, but certainly worth a try. If you have dental problems, always check with your dentist. See your dentist for regular check ups.

Thls herb prefers de-calcified soil. The Roots PULL-UP calcium from the soil. Dental x-rays show this works the same with teeth.

This plant brings Calcium to your Teeth.

Old herbal book claims...

Old herbal book claims...

‘‘My gums were weak when I first used the Aleish Tooth Formula. But soon they became pink and tight. My dentist said this was optimal. Then I stopped using it regularly and forgot about it.”

“Months later, my right lower molar became infected. It was very sensitive to hot and cold liquids. When I bit down, it really hurt. I could feel the swollen gum. I dreaded going to the dentist.

“I rinsed my mouth with peroxide and applied the Tooth Formula. I did this three times a day. Within three days, the tooth and gum were almost normal. Now everything is fine What a great product.’

Tooth helped in 3 days.

‘‘I didn't think this was possible.’

Is this possible with today's poor diet?

32 Teeth -- SAVED!


Save your TEETH. Save your GUMS.

Bleeding Gums: Many Miracle Stories. One of the most potent natural remedies ever created for helping bleeding gums.

So which is it? Old herbal remedy? Or missing teeth and dentures?

Many reorder immediately. One man ordered one bottle -- and soon ordered three more. This has been a best seller for over 10 years.

Directions. Apply to gums 1-3 times a day. Some massage in with their clean fingers.

Best Results. Brush at night with baking soda and a touch of salt.


100% Natural.

Few know this. Chronic dental infection in your teeth or gums can lead to heart problems, diabetes and strokes.

Creater of the Aleish Tooth & Gum Formula.

Master Herbalist, Matthew Wood

No guarantees, but certainly worth a try. Reader stories are not scientific evidence. What works for one person may not work for the next. All health claims are medically unproven.

If you want to keep your Teeth & Gums healthy for a lifetime, this formula could be an answer from Heaven.

The Tooth Fomula works by seeping into the gumline and feeding the roots of the teeth.

Miracle Tooth Story.

-- Loose Tooth now SOLID --

I did this 3 times a day. Within one week, the tooth was back SOLID in my gum. The tooth was saved! Thank God! A real miracle!’


100% Natural.





A Miracle!

All health claims are medically unproven.


Reader stories are not scientific evidence. What works for one person may not work for the next.

All health claims are medically unproven.

All health claims are medically unproven.

Reader stories are not scientific evidence. What works for one person may not work for the next.

No guarantees.

But certainly worth a try.