Facial Formula

Facial Formula.

‘This made my skin incredibly soft and smooth.’ -- Florida

She looked in the mirror; ‘Oh my God, my pores are gone!’

Lost 8 pounds.

‘I lost almost 8 pounds by cleaning my colon. Finally, my stomach is flat! I had to buy a new wardrobe.’

‘Plus, my skin is smoother. I have been studying nutrition for 14 years and never came across anything like this.’ -- California

Blemishes clear up.

‘I tried the facial clay.

‘The first thing I noticed was that my blemishes cleared up. My skin became very soft.’-- Virginia

Facial Formula.

‘I had dry skin, but I was extremely sensitive to moisturizers. I would wake up with swollen eyes and welts all over my face.’

‘I love the smell.’

‘Finally, I found Sheila’s Facial Formula. It was the only product that didn’t cause a reaction.’

Wrinkle Formula.

‘You are not going to believe this. I had deep furrows on my forehead; this runs in my family.

After one week on the wrinkle formula, I can see a difference.’

French Lavender Oil.

‘My mother would never be without this! She is always being scratched by her cats.

When she puts this on her skin, she never gets infections. This kills bacteria. -- Sheila

Skin looks years younger.

‘I am a sunworshipper. For years my skin was dry and parched - like the desert.’

‘After using the Facial Formula, my skin is now better than ever. It has never been so soft in maybe 20 years. Thank you Aleish!’

Bleeding Skin Helped.

‘My son and I both cannot tolerate commerical soap products. We get rashes that crack and bleed from them. Your Oatmeal-Lavender Soap has been a God-Send. Our skin was greatly helped from using your soap. Thank you!’

Magic Tooth Formula.

‘I avoided gum surgery!’

‘I had bleeding, inflamed gums for five years. They bled when I brushed.

The dentist advised deep gum work.

‘I took this formula daily. Now, there’s no bleeding and I don’t need gum surgery.’ -- Sheila

Lost 5 pounds.

After two weeks on the colon pills, my belly went way down.

My face started glowing and my eyes started to sparkle. Everyone says I look so much younger and more beautiful.

Wrinkle Formula.

‘Within two days, the spaces between my wrinkles filled up.’

“My skin was getting scaly under the eyes. I bought a formula from Belks for $40. It really burned my skin.’

‘I tried the wrinkle formula. Within two weeks, the scales vanished.’ - Kathy

Hair & Scalp Formula.

‘My daughter Julie used this formula. She could tell a difference in one night.’

‘Her scalp flakiness and itching was gone. Her hair now shines.’ -- Virginia

Facial Mister.

‘I have used this for years as a base for the facial formula. It helps to keep my skin moist.’ -- Virginia

Facial SOAP.

'I have never felt so cleansed and refreshed after a shower.

It leaves my skin soft and smooth with an amazing scent.'- - Melanie)

Colon Pills.

‘Now I go 2-3 times a day; it is such a wonderful thing. I don’t get bloated. My face doesn’t break out. I feel so much healthier.” - Harrisonburg, VA

Gum Infection Helped.

I had a gum infection in the back of my left molar. For days I was in pain.’

‘I applied the Magic Tooth Formula 3-4 times a day, often in the middle of the night.

Magically, the pain left and never returned.’ --


Child's Skin Rash Helped.

‘My daughter had a skin condition and nothing worked. Red rashes. Nothing worked on her skin. I've been to four doctors and used dozens of prescriptions.’

Finally my 3-year-old's skin is soft and smooth. Thank you. Please send four more bars of the Oatmeal-lavender soap.’

Less Hair comes out.

‘Thanks to my wooden comb, my hair has never been healthier.’ -- Virginia

‘I will never use a plastic comb again.’

‘Less hair comes out!’

‘My hair is now easier to comb; it’s smoother -- and less hair comes out.

It detangles easier; this is awesome.’ -- Sheila

Third EYE Oil.

‘I use it for my meditation sessions and yoga classes. It is emotionally calming.’

‘We pass the bottle around to put on the forehead. People have a really good meditation.’

‘This same formula has almost erased my liver lines - the lines between the eyes.’ -- Lena

Hardened Fat on Skin Helped.

One 62-year-old nurse used baby oil for years -- to remove eye make-up. Hardened fat deposits developed under her skin.

After using this special jojoba oil for two weeks, those fat deposits almost dissolved.

Face Greatly Helped.

‘Before, I had a scaly patch of skin on my face. I treated this for months with a product my skin doctor prescribed. It didn't work.’

‘Within one week of using the Facial Formula and Wrinkle Formula, my face was greatly helped.’

True Stories

I lost almost 5 pounds by cleaning my colon. Finally, my stomach is flat.

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Reader stories are not scientific evidence. What works for one person may not work for the next. All health claims are medically unproven.







‘Truly a blessed day when I discovered Aleish.’

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