Reader stories are not scientific evidence. What works for one person may not work for the next. All health claims are medically unproven.

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1. Tooth & Gum Formula. This can help heal a gum or tooth infection.

2. The Colon Pills. This has saved people from colon cancer.

3. Worm & Parasite Formula. One reader said, ‘This is a Miracle! I finally feel human again.’

Our best-selling Health Products.

#1. The Colon Pills. If you take just one formula for your health, this should be it. If your colon is clean, you can avoid so many diseases. Remember, old age starts in the colon -- so keep it clean. Many lose a ton of weight. Get rid of that beer-belly gut. It’s easy.

#2. Tooth & Gum Formula. This powerful, herbal tincture is great for your gums and teeth. Many have avoided gum surgery. Highly effective for bleeding gums, infections, sensitive teeth, pain and more. This formula should be right beside your toothbrush!

#3. Worm & Parasite Formula. 70-80% of Americans have worms & parasites. Could this be the reason you can't get well? One healer said, ‘the people who are the sickest -- they have the most parasites.’

#4. Herbal Liver Cleanse. If your liver is healthy, you won't get as many diseases. One woman said, ‘I'm Starting to feel Great!’

#5. Thyroid Charge. Over 25 million people have thyroid problems -- and don't know it. This powerful, herbal formula helps balance the Thyroid Gland. Puts NEW LIFE into it! A best seller. Has helped many. Try this natural, formula and CHARGE UP your cells with ENERGY.

#5. Essential Oils. Learn about the Healing Powers of Essential Oils. Often work when vitamins and minerals fail.

Bleeding Gums. Reader helps bleeding, weak gums. Avoids gum surgery.

Hemorrhoids. Reader helps, burning itching hemorrhoids after six weeks on colon pills.

Constipation. Nebraska man helps 10 years of constipation in two weeks on colon pills.

Weight Loss. Reader loses 8 pounds. Stomach now flat. Goes from size 14, to size 9 clothing.

Lost 5 pounds. Reader loses 5 pounds after she cleanses her liver.

The Colon Pills

Magic Tooth Formula

One man used the Colon Pills and avoided a $10,000 colon operation.



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Health Products that can Change your Life!

‘Our readers love these formulas. Hopefully, you will too.’

Dear Aleish,


Healing Oils


I lost 5 pounds on the Colon Formulas. God Bless you!


100% Natural.


100% Natural.


100% Natural.

Bleeding Gums: Many Miracle Stories. One of the most potent natural remedies ever created for helping bleeding gums.

Lost 5 pounds. Now, finally my stomach is flat. I used to wear a size 14. Now I wear a size 9-11. I had to buy all new clothes.

Essential Oils can be far more powerful than Vitamins & Minerals.


All health claims are medically unproven.

No guarantees, but certainly worth a try.


Reader stories are not scientific evidence. What works for one person may not work for the next.