Facial Formula
Avoid these chemicals

Dear Friend,

Look at any cosmetic shelf -- you’d be amazed what people buy. Everyone thinks those products always improve the skin. But do they? It’s about time you wake up.

95% of the facial creams are merely a ‘chemical soup’ in a jar -- all nicely packaged.

Many beauty creams can...

• CLOG your skin pores.

• DRY your skin and cause premature aging.

• Cause blemishes and rashes.

Don’t be fooled by fancy bottles. READ the LABEL!

‘Many best-selling face creams merely COAT and CLOG the skin.’ - Sheila Kern

Do you know what sells face creams these days? Fancy labels, fancy bottles and fancy advertising.

Which is all OK, but this has little to do with the quality of the product. Buying solely on the appearance of a label or bottle can lead to disaster. Often, some of the worst products look the best.

You have to change your approach to beauty. Don’t look on the outside -- look on the inside. Read the fine print on the label.

Learn what you are putting on your skin.

Many try Aleish -- after the most popular face products FAIL.

Over the years, I have heard the same basic comment about Sheila’s facial formulas. ‘I tried the best brands on the market for more than 10 years - and nothing worked as well as yours.’

Women said this applied to all the big-name beauty products: Mary Kay, Avon, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Oil of Olay and others.

Those products are made by excellent companies, but I have to report the truth.

After hearing these comments again and again, I said to myself, “My God, the whole beauty industry may be on the wrong track.”

“Even the best products gave me reactions.”

One woman from Nevada wrote, ‘I had dry skin, but I was extremely sensitive to moisturizers. I used a popular product and would wake up with swollen eyes and welts all over my face.”

’Finally, I found Sheila’s Aleish facial formula. I love the smell.

‘It was the only product that didn’t cause a reaction.”

''Aleish,'  'We Feed the

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