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These essential oils come in 1/3 ounce bottles. They contain about 300 drops. (For external use only.) See the above Free PDF file for proper use.

Basil......antiseptic, earache.

Birch....arthritis, rheumatism.

Cedar Wood.. hair, eczema.


Cinnamon Leaf...virus, mold.

Clary Sage...PMS, cramps.


Frankincense.....dry skin.

Geranium.....kidney, diabetes.

Ginger Root....rheumatism.

Grapefruit.....cellulite, skin.

Juniper Berries...diuretic.



Lemon Grass.....bacteria.

Lime......after shave, skin.


Oregano......virus, bacteria.

Patchouly.....dry skin.

Peppermint... digestion.

Pine......respiratory. loss.


Spruce.....air freshener.

Tea Tree......infection.

Ylang Ylang.......soothing.

*Call for oils not listed.

Aleish formulas are hand-blended. We use only pure essential oils which are extracted from living plants.

Aleish products are 100% alive. It is like applying vitamins to your skin.

Lavender oil is a natural antibiotic.

In ancient Egypt, rare oil blends were an important part of healing. Even breathing these oils can be healing.

Aleish sells only the highest quality essential oils. No corners are cut.

One person said our essential oils were far superior -- and cheaper -- than a leading network marketer of essential oils.

External use only. Don’t apply these oils directly to the skin -- except for lavender, tea tree and ylang.

Can use in misters, inhalers, in baths, or with aroma lamps.


by Sheila Kern


Healing Power

of Essential Oils

Tea Tree

How to Use Essential Oils.






Sheila Kern

Essential Oils can Change your Life!

‘Essential Oils are the Love of God -- in Liquid Form.’





Healing Essential Oils

Helps to Heal...Colds, Flues, Pain, Asthma, Arthritis, Infections, Lung Problems, Depression & more!

‘Essential Oils are a Gift from God.’

Healing Essential Oils.

Essential Oils can be more healing than herbs & vitamins.

Aleish uses only the highest quality Essential Oils. Higher quality oils usually cost more than inferior versions. Cheaper, adulterated essential oils may not be as effective.


Dear Friend,

Essential Oils have been a passion of mine for a long time. I get this special feeling just being around them.

Essential Oils are living molecules from Nature.

Essential Oils nourish our skin and feed our entire being -- each and every cell.

Most people would never believe that Essential Oils have spiritual properties -- but they do. A favorite Essential Oil can remind us that we are powerful Spiritual Beings.

Essential Oils can uplift the Spirit.

We need to appreciate these divine oils and realize, that we - like them - have dignity and a purpose. That purpose can only be to give love and help others.

Love, Sheila

For more information on Essential Oils, please read the 4-page Newsletter I wrote -- The Healing Power of Essential Oils. (See the PDF link on the upper right.) It's FREE!


What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are highly concentrated liquids which are extracted from plants. This includes grasses, leaves, flowers, roots, needles, wood, and the peel of fruit.

These oils have the ability to operate on the cellular and physical level -- and also the emotional, mental, and spiritual areas of our lives.

Essential Oils contain the LIFE FORCE of the Plant.

Essential oils are part of the plant's own immune system. Essential oils are highly antiseptic. Many have the ability to regenerate skin cell tissues.

Essential Oils leave no residue on the skin.

Essential oils are 75-100 times more concentrated than dried herbs. Therefore, they should not be used internally and should be diluted for maximum safety.

When you look at Essential Oils under the microscope, they vibrate with LIFE!

Essential oils, like a special song, can trigger memories from 20-30 years ago. Essential oils are reflections of Heaven -- and were put on Earth for Healing.

Smell the Magic of Nature!

Once you smell natural Essential Oils, you can never go back to artificial, chemical smells from factories.

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