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‘I never received compliments on my face - until I created my own magical blends.’

‘I’m very careful about what I put on my skin.

‘When you look at the ingredients in most face creams - why would you put this stuff on your face?

‘Our skin is living -- a living tissue.’

‘You don’t want to put something that is dead on something that is alive.’

QUESTION: Why did you start Aleish Beauty Products?

SHEILA: I was working with natural healing oils and I learned that oils from plants -- the essential oils, could replace most of the harmful, chemical beauty products that we use. These natural oils feed the skin and purify it.

QUESTION: Did you see a difference in your own skin after you created your own facial formulas?

SHEILA: My complexion greatly improved. Since I was 14, I mainly used Oil of Olay and Avon products. But I tended to have a lot of breakouts and pimples.

With my own formulas, my face no longer breaks out. I have an even facial tone. My pore size is smaller. I often go up on the mountain to give facial seminars and do not wear make-up. People will say, ‘My, your skin looks nice.’

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