Aleish Formulas are as Pure as Nature.

Are your beauty formulas this pure?

People in the country usually have nicer skin than those in the city. The reason is -- less pollution. So why would anyone use chemicals on their skin?

Which type of beauty products are you using?

The Three Types of Beauty Formulas.

Type #1. 90-99% Chemicals - plus animals fats and petroleum by-products. This applies to the big players like Avon, Estee Lauder, Revlon, Mary Kay, Clinque, and most of the popular brands.

One of the main reasons they have to use chemicals is -- SHELF LIFE. They have to add chemical preservatives to keep the formula ‘fresh’ for 2-3 years.

But your skin acts like a living sponge and absorbs all these chemcials. Is this what you want? I wouldn't think so.

Everyone knows how bad the taste of processed, chemical foods can be. How do you think your skin feels when you put chemical creams on them?

Type #2. Chemicals and Natural Ingredients MIXED. These brands use 90-98% chemicals and put a few drops in of natural ingredients.

Then in their marketing headlines they brag how ‘natural’ their products are. This seems highly misleading. Often the natural ingredient are listed last - since they appear in the smallest quantity.

Often, even the ‘natural’ ingredients are synthetic.

Perhaps a small step above chemical type #1. But the good is often negated by the bad.

Type #3. 100% Natural Ingredients. This is the class Aleish is in. There are a small number of excellent companies in this group. We are not alone.

Alesh uses 100% natural ingredients and lists all our ingredients on the label.

We care more about quality - than shelf life. 90% of the time, Aleish formulas are made up after the customer orders them. That's how fresh they are!

Now you know why many use Aleish - after popular beauty products fail.

If you care about helping dry skin, oily skin, acne, or reducing scars and wrinkles, you should try Aleish today.

Get ready for compliments!

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The Facial Formula is like the Fountain of Youth for the Skin.

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