Hair Treatment.

Our Aleish Mister is also excellent for dry and frizzy hair.

The Magic Ingredients...

Great for Skin & Hair!

For Normal & Dry Skin, use the Aleish MISTER.

For Oily or Acne Skin, use the Aleish Facial TONER.

Aleish's Magical

It's like being near a mountain water fall.


Healing Aloe


A true story. One woman used just this, and the Aleish soap - and her face dramatically improved. She was so excited, she started the entire Aleish skin routine.

Our Facial Mister does three things.

#1. It hydrates the skin for maximum moisture.

#2. It deep-cleanses the skin and pores.

#3. It tightens and nourishes the skin.

This is a non-drying, facial mister. It doesn't contain chemicals or alcohol - as most brands do.

It is excellent for dry and normal skin.

Nothing cleanses like the citrus.

Contains pure aloe -- which has been used for centuries to beautify the skin.

Our Facial Mister is made fresh every few weeks. Ours doesn't sit on the shelf for months, as most popular brands do.

Contains pure aloe vera, de-ionized water, vegetable glycerine, grapefruit seed extract, and the pure essential oils of lavender, rosewood and geranium.

Contains no alcohol, no chemicals, no preservatives.

For best results, use the Aleish Mister before the Facial Formula. This will extend the life of the Facial Formula since you won't need as much.

The Aleish Facial Mister is a Super Moisturizer.

The Mister helps to seal in moisture.

Use this Mister once, and you may never return to chemical skin toners again.

To Order - (Call or write.)

Aleish Magic Facial Mister.

1. One 4 oz. bottle, $10.95 plus $7 postage and handling

2. Three bottles, $26.85 (save $3) plus $9 postage and handling.

Aleish, P.O. Box 297, Penn Laird, VA 22846.


100% Natural.


Grapefruit Seed Extract

Facial Mister

This Mister will help make your face glowing and radiant.

Just pure 100% Heavenly MIST!

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