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#1. Introducing Sheila Kern. I am a licensed nurse and certified massage therapist. I live near the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. I am the mother of three children and the grandmother of our little Angel.

#2. Why I founded Aleish. -- Sheila Kern. The best products on the market never helped my skin. They caused a lot of breakouts. So...I was forced to create my own natural formulas.

#3. The Dangers of popular face creams. Learn why many popular products can age your skin. Many best-selling formulas can CLOG your skin pores - and DRY your skin. -- Loren Biser, Health Editor

#4. Avoid Products with Mineral Oil.

* Learn why mineral oil is one of the worst things you can put on your skin.

* Learn why you should never use regular soap on your face.

* Learn why essential oils are so pure, they leave no residue on your skin.

Founded because popular skin products didn't work.

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