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Aleish is ALIVE!

Most face creams are made with lifeless, chemicals that age your skin.

But Aleish formulas are alive with life. This is why they rejuvenate the skin.

Use Aleish and see the difference!

- Sheila

Sheila Kern

Dear Reader,

Give Aleish a try. You will be amazed how beautiful and radiant your skin can be!

Love, Sheila

Dear Sheila,

I LOVE your products!

My face has never felt so good. I noticed a reduction in the wrinkles around my eyes. My dark circles are fading.

I have given samples to all my friends. I want them to have healthy skin too.

Sincerely, Lori

Our best-selling Facial Formula.

‘This is awesome! My skin is glowing & radiant.’

‘Within days, my skin seemed softer.’

‘Finally, I found a product which does not cause a reaction.’

My daughter Amy went to Sheila's Skin Care Seminar last Easter. Amy had acne for years. Her skin was patchy; one area was dry, the other oily. Plus she had these reddish areas all over her face.

‘I was highly skeptical. Only a few natural formulas for a total skin routine? This is it?

Amy had used Clinique products, but they only helped a little.

Sheila told her to avoid all facial formulas made with chemicals. She said those products would just clog her skin pores -- and make her condition worse.

‘The Aleish formulas were incredible. After a few weeks, Amy's skin was beautiful.’

Sheila also told Amy to wash her face with yogurt. Plus she told her to use the Aleish Facial Clay along with the Facial Formula and Mister.

Soon the redness and blemishes left. Amy's skin is now clear and radiant. It never looked like this before. Now I am always complimenting Amy on how beautiful her skin is.

When I saw how beautiful my daughter's skin was, I decided to try these formulas myself.



Aleish Facial Formula - The Magic Ingredients...

I had mixed skin problems, both dry and oily areas with large pores on my nose.

I used the same formulas as Amy -- the Aleish facial clay, the Aleish Mister, and the famous Facial Formula. Plus I washed my face with yogurt as Sheila instructed.

‘Now I get compliments all the time on my skin.

Day by day, my skin became more glowing and soft. Many co-workers at work noticed the difference. They said my skin looked so radiant and rested.

Many said, ‘What are you using on your skin to make it look so nice?’ When I told them, they couldn't believe my face could improve so dramatically by using only two simple formulas.

‘I no longer need foundation or makeup.’

Before I used an expensive age-defying formula from Estee Lauder. My skin was a little better, but nothing like it is now. When I saw my daughter's skin improve on Aleish, I switched brands.

This Spring was very stressful at my office. Normally, I would have had dry patches. But not this time.

What is amazing is that Sheila's formulas work the same magic for people in such different age groups. I am 55, my daughter is 31.

My daughter Amy also had problems with her nails and toes. She would get blisters and fungus. She had these problems since birth. Her toes were terrible!

‘My nails are now hard for the first time in my life.’

Sheila prepared a special blend of her essential oils. Amy used this a few weeks and her nails and toes cleared right up.

I also had nail problems. My nails were always soft and would peel easily. They didn't grow. Sheila prepared a special blend for my nails. I used this and now my nails are very hard for the first time in my life.

‘Another miracle from Sheila -- help for my baby Granddaughter.’

My little granddaughter, Naomi, is three. She could not get to sleep for almost two years. We would pray for this child to calm down. At 10:00, she was wide awake.

It was like she was ‘wired.’ She would scream and holler when it came time to go to sleep. Sheila mixed me up a special formula, using her organic jojoba oil.

She told me to put this formula on the bottom of the baby's feet. I thought this was crazy! Well sure enough, this worked too. Our little baby goes to bed easily at 7:30 now.

I only met Sheila for a few moments, but I feel I have known her for a lifetime. Sheila was the key. God used her as an instrument of knowledge.

Aleish Facial Formula.

Aleish Facial Mister.

Aleish Facial Clay.

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'Aleish,'  'We Feed the

‘The Answer to my Prayers.’


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‘My Face was Greatly Helped.’

We love your products!

‘My sister-in-law and I are truely ‘SOLD’ on your products. We can't stop telling our friends and co-workers about them.’

- Donna

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“Praise God for your Facial Formula. My skin looks and feels so much better.” - Tracy



‘This is like the Fountain of Youth for the Skin.’


‘I had been praying for months to find help for my daughter's skin. Aleish was the answer to my prayers.

Many Miracle Stories! A potent natural remedy for helping bleeding gums & tooth infection.


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‘I have been using Aleish products since January 2006 and have had wonderful results.’

‘Prior to using these products, I had scaly patches of skin on my face. I had treated this for months with a product that my skin doctor had prescribed with no success at all.

‘Within a week of using Sheila's Aleish products, my face was greatly helped. I use her products religiously morning and night and I love them.’ -- Betty